Monday, May 21, 2012

1 Kings 3:16-28, 5:1-18, 2 Chronicles 2:1-18, 1 Kings 6:1-13, 2 Chronicles 3:1-14, 1 Kings 6:14-38

 In Kings 3:16-28, we find the two women with newborns, one which sadly died, and in that mother's grief she decided to switch the babies. Now Solomon is put in the position to decide who the real mother of this child is, and asks them to cut the child in half. What a decision to have to make! In the process, the true mother of the child was revealed. I can't imagine the thought of literally dividing either of my sons, which the other mother was willing to do, unbelievable! Solomon was given great wisdom and discernment by God to make decisions for his servants. This is something I pray for my sons, that God gives them His wisdom and discernment when making choices in their life. I pray that they find Godly women someday, and that whatever they do in life, they ultimately serve God in whatever path God leads them.

In Kings 5 & 6 we see Solomon is given charge to build a temple. What an impressive and massive building to be given the honor to build! Of course, Solomon was given plans by God, the greatest architect of all! :) Solomon also used only the best contractors for each area of the building paying attention to each detail in the plans God laid out for him to follow. I would have loved to see the intricate carvings like the tops of the pillars shaped liked lilies, and the ornamental buds, the baths and even the carts were detailed. They just don't make anything with that kind of workmanship anymore, and it's hard to find workers that are so dedicated as well as trustworthy.

 It reminds me that whatever work God has placed before me, I should do it to my best ability, and the work should glorify Him! God has been so faithful to me in all aspects of my life, but as far as my work is concerned it has always been laid out right in front of me.  Example: I have been praying about what I need to do as far as working. I have been a nurse for 23 years and in healthcare for 30. I am at the point where I want something a little different in the field. He knows that I have always worked, am a “people person”, and like to stay busy, if not I could become a recluse very easily! Anyway I was searching to see if I could find the best of both worlds, and there it was! No one else could have found this opportunity unless they knew exactly where to look. That’s how God works with me; He sets me on the right path. I now work as a nurse assessor mostly from home until I do a health assessment. I work when I want and how much I want which leaves time for Joel and I to still spend time together now that we’re “empty nesters” , to travel and see our sons, and or family. The best part of it for me is I am able to witness to my clients, which has happened several times already. Several of the clientele I accepted have been out of my area, in places where they don’t have any nurses to serve them. I don’t mind travel at all, and I enjoy driving, always have! He knows this, and He placed me to serve them! God is amazing!
All thanks and praise goes to Him!


  1. I too am so blessed in loving my "job" and using His business to make a living while being a witness for Him. I will have to connect you up with Nichalas - he is planning on going back to school for nursing - wants to be in a field to help people for Him.

  2. That is awesome! Does he have any idea what type of nursing he wants to do? I worked in the hospital before going to nursing school and during. It made all the difference having the medical background, and to decide which nursing dept.I preferred. I worked O.R. and E.R. I would be glad to share any info that would help. A lot of hospitals will help pay for school and books, but now they ask them to sign on for a year or two when they graduate. I was fortunate that the hospital I worked at payed 100% tuition and 50% on books without signing on, but I ended up staying in the ER for 6 years after I graduated.